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Rail Transport

As Öner Logistics, we also provide railway transportation services to our valued customers. Railway transportation is a type of transportation that allows companies to receive service without incurring very high costs in the transportation of heavy and bulky loads. Railway transportation is reliable, does not depend on people and therefore does not cause errors. It is a freight transportation model that has attracted increasing attention in recent years due to its risk minimization, competitive costs, advantages on the route and creating an environmentally friendly solution. The speed capacities of the vehicles used in railway transportation are parallel to the type and nature of the transportation service provided. The transfer of underground resources such as iron and agricultural and forestry products to recipient centers is generally carried out by railway transportation. Railway transportation is both environmentally friendly and provides a serious cost advantage in long-distance transportation service needs. As it is suitable for mass transportation, it has the benefit of reducing the congestion caused by other types of transportation (for example, the load of traffic on highways).

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